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ISSUE #147

Babel 7 released, what is coming up in JS 2018, why use async/await, and more


Babel 7 Released

It has been 2 years since the last major release. The new versions brings performance improvements, config overrides, JSX fragments support, and more.

TypeScript and Babel 7

Among other things it is much easier now to setup TypeScript with babel 7. This little article will guide you through.

ELI5: Babel and the gang | Kashyap Mukkamala

And while we are here. Here's a good dialog between author with himself as a newbie with a more expirience developer about what is Babel and why to use it.


Learn React.js in just a couple of afternoons | Daniel Dughila

Are you looking for leveling up as a JavaScript developer? Maybe finally learn React? Wes Bos's awesome React course is the perfect way to do that. Totally updated with the latest best practices in React, ES6, React Router 4 and more. It is thorough and concise (less than 5 hours of video), and well structured as well (just 30 short videos). If you find yourself wondering what might be a good time to finally start learning React, this is your answer.


What's Coming Up in JavaScript 2018: Async Generators | Mary Branscombe

The two biggest developer features in this release are async generators and some long-awaited improvements to regular expressions, along with rest/spread properties, Brian Terlson, the editor of ECMAScript and Microsoft’s representative on the ECMA TC39 committee, told The New Stack.

Why async: how JavaScript interacts with the real world

One another look at the async flow evolution: from callback hell to promises to async/await. A good read to referesh your knowledge.

Top-level `await` is a footgun

A bit of a thought-provoking piece on how to use async/await and modules.

Avoid Export Default | Basarat Ali Syed

A list of reason why it's better to use simple export with import + destructring instead of export default.


How to send SMS using Amazon SNS and Nodejs

A real quick intro to SNS with node.


GitHub - straker/kontra

A lightweight JavaScript gaming micro-library, optimized for js13kGames


CSS-in-JS security: the rascal's guide

Import the wrong <Tooltip> component and your users' passwords will grow legs. Follow this guide to stay safe.


The Rise and Rise of JSON

Today, when any two applications communicate with each other across the internet, odds are they do so using JSON.

Curated list of podcasts for software developers | Michal Zalecki

Curated list of podcasts for software developers (not just about coding).

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