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ISSUE #101

Webpack 3 is there, async-await, JS decorators, and more articles


🍾🚀 webpack 3: Official Release!! 🚀🍾

After we released webpack v2, we made some promises to the community. We promised that we would deliver the features you voted for. Today, we’ve fulfilled these promises.


How I Fell in Love with JS Decorators - Cabbageapps

One of the recent addiction for our team was the usage of Decorators which are proposed in the new ES7. …

ES2017's async/await is the best thing to ever happen to JavaScript | CertSimple

Async await is part of the ES2017 standard, in node since version 7 and all current browsers...


A Tale of JavaScript Performance | Tom Lagier, Gliffy

This article continues my series chronicling my investigation into JavaScript performance by creating a visualization tool for Chrome memory profiles. Today I will be taking a deep dive into my creation of the renderer.


dabbott/react-express: The all-in-one beginner's guide to modern React application development!

The all-in-one beginner's guide to modern React application development!

Using Flow instead of prop-types in React | Gaya Kessler

This article will explain how to go from type checking with prop-types to static type checking with Flow in React.


Machine Learning with JavaScript : Part 1 | Abhishek Soni, Hacker Noon

JAVASCRIPT?! Shouldn’t I be using Python? Am I out of my mind to try those hefty calculations in JavaScript? Am I trying to act cool by using a language that is not Python or R? scikit-learn doesn’t even work in JavaScript? Short Answer: No. I am not drunk.


JavaScript: What Are Pure Functions And Why Use Them? | James Jeffery

The first time I heard the term “Pure Function” I was confused. What was wrong with a regular function? Why does it need to be pure? Why do I even need pure functions?


Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel and Vue (2017 edition) | Freek Van der Herten

At Spatie we have a tv screen against the wall that displays a dashboard. This dashboard displays the tasks our team should be working on, important events in the near future, which music is playing at our office, and so on. Here’s what it looks like: We’ve opensourced our dashboard, so you can view the […]


Lodash is not (only) for list manipulation! | Michal Piotrkowski

Lodash is much more than a list manipulation library. In this post I would like to shed a light on some less popular, yet in my opinion, extremely useful Lodash features.

GitHub - decaffeinate/decaffeinate

Goodbye CoffeeScript, hello JavaScript!


Picking Jest over Mocha – testing tools comparison | Grzegorz Ziolkowski

At Automattic we use Mocha to run all tests written for Calypso project which powers WordPress.com. It also includes end-to-end tests, which live in their own repository. We have been using this setup for over 3 years now. I think it is a good moment to revisit this choice. I found this unit testing tools comparison very…


Writing JS in Vim | Alex LaFroscia

A walkthrough of my editor configuration for writing modern JavaScript, featuring ESLint, Prettier and autocomplete all without leaving Vim.


Tree shake Lodash with Webpack, Jest and Typescript | Martin Hochel

So recently, I’ve started to do payload optimizations within one of our large web apps at work. During that process, I came across very serious issue, well, with lodash while achieving to have everything running smoothly ( tree shaking, jest unit tests and correct type definitions )

Unambiguous Webpack config with Typescript | Devon Marisa Zuegel

You can write your Webpack config in Typescript, and it’ll save you a huge amount of pain. Webpack’s docs would lead you to believe that using Typescript requires a hacky customized set up, but in fact it’s as simple as installing a single module and changing your extensions from .js to .ts!


JS Excel, ES2015 edition - JSFiddle

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.