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ISSUE #102

TypeScript 2.4, choosing a frontend in 2017, and other articles


Announcing TypeScript 2.4

If you haven’t yet heard of TypeScript, it’s a superset of JavaScript that brings static types and powerful tooling to JavaScript. These static types are entirely optional and get erased away – you can gradually introduce them to your existing JavaScript code, and get around to adding them when you really need.

Mikeal Rogers: Node.js Will Overtake Java Within a Year | The New Stack

The following interview is part of a series, called Open Source Leaders, where we profile project leaders in the open source IT community, to learn more about how they developed their software as well as the challenges and benefits that come with running an open source project.   Mikeal Rogers has been with the Node.js […]

Choosing a frontend framework in 2017 | Taras Mankovski, This Dot Labs

In this article, I would like to describe the evolution of our understanding of how to build modern web applications and suggest a way of thinking about which technology to choose.


Cloning DOM nodes and handling attached events | Pawel Grzybek

As a creator and maintainer of a popular DOM library, I found myself in a situation where I had to clone an element. Sounds trivial? This is what I learnt.

TC39, ECMAScript, and the Future of JavaScript | Nicolas Bevacqua

TC39 means Technical Committee number 39. It’s part of ECMA, the institution which standardizes the JavaScript language under the “ECMAScript” specification.

Measure Page Load Times Using the User Timing API | CRAIG TOBE, Constant Contact Tech Blog

Why do I need to do this? In the Web 2.0 world, the onload event usually isn't an accurate measurement for when a user is ready to interact with a web page


Writing Clean and Concise React Components by Making Full Use of ES6/7 Features and the Container | Josh J

I should point out here that in all my examples I’ll be using React Native, but the principles are exactly the same in React… So let’s get into it!

Using AngularJS components in React | Chang Wang, Appify

The GDC project was in the process of migrating from AngularJS (Angular 1) to React. For quite a while, the React-in-Angular pattern was used to perform a strangler migration one component at a time. As React ate through more and more of the project, we reached a tipping point where it could become the root app, but we were still short a few features that prevented us from reaching parity.

Animated page transitions with React Router 4, ReactTransitionGroup and Animated | Martin Haagensli, Hacker Noon

In this article I’ll show you how to animate your page transitions using lifecycle methods from ReactTransitionGroup and the Animated library.

React UWP - UWP and Fluent Design UI Libray by React

React Components that Implement Microsoft's UWP Design.New Feature include Fluent Design.

GitHub - unbounce/flag

Feature flagging made easy for React and Redux.


Impressions after Vue Conf 2017 | Sebastian Gebski

TL;DR Vue.js is getting its high interest for a valid reason. Its 1st official conference has proven that it's backed up by the active & open community, its ecosystem is developing in interesting directions & in the end - there are valid (& safe) JS web app development


RE:DOM – Tiny (2 KB) turboboosted JavaScript library for creating user interfaces

Tiny (2 KB) turboboosted JavaScript library for creating user interfaces

GitHub - hyperapp/hyperapp: 1 KB JavaScript library for building frontend applications.

1 KB JavaScript library for building frontend applications.