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ISSUE #103

Caching with Webpack, improving SEO of React apps, and more


Hey Webpack, can you bust my cache? | Tomas Koutsky

Your responses have cache headers set and client’s browser caches static assets. But web development is very dynamic nowadays, we deploy multiple times per day. So how can we continue with aggressive deployment and still cache static assets?

React application seen as a blank page via “Fetch as Google” | Gajus Kuizinas

Ensuring that SPA application is correctly indexed by the search engines

Setting up and deploying a GitHub App in the Azure cloud | Thibault Derousseaux

This blog post will describe how we deployed our GitHub App as an Azure function written in JavaScript, how it improved our process and what we learned along the way. For those interested in making their own GitHub App, this post can act as a tutorial.


Large Number Addition in Javascript | Brian Douglas

Javascript supports at most 53 bit integers. What this means is that integers larger than 53 bits lose precision. This article will explain how to handle addition with integers larger than 53 bits in javascript.

Learn JavaScript! | Bojan Gvozderac

The second I posted that is the same second I wanted to write about JavaScript learning resources and that’s how we got here.

JavaScript’s evolution into a first-class language | D4 Software

For many, techies and non techies alike, JS has long been associated with front-end development; that ‘thing’ you needed to add a bit of extra stuff on a webpage. In the last decade JS has gained pace as an ‘everything’ language.

Deconstructing the Google Analytics tracking script | BILL FRANKLIN

What does the Google Analytics script actually do? It’s pretty convoluted at first glance.


Why We Chose Typescript | Niranjan Ramadas, Reddit

After considering these requirements, our two best options seemed to be either Typescript or Javascript + Flow. Before we could pick between them, we needed to understand where they differ.

Leverage union types in Typescript to avoid invalid states | Zohaib Rauf

Typescript has a type system which provides more capabilities than the type system in C# and Java. The one that I found to be very useful is the union type in Typescript. Let's define what a union type is


Non-technical reasons why I like Vue | Siddhant Goel

The JavaScript landscape is (in)famous for the ever-changing set of “hot new libraries” that one “needs to” adopt. In such a world, using VueJS is a breath of fresh air.

Vue.js 2 Material Component Framework | Vuetify.js

Vuetify.js is a reusable semantic component framework for Vue.js 2. It aims to provide clean, semantic and reusable components.


React, Relay and GraphQL: Under the Hood of the Times Website Redesign | Scott Taylor, New York Times

As the new site rolls out over the next several months, a look under the hood will reveal a number of modern technologies designed to make the site faster and easier to use — for readers, most importantly, but also for our developers.

React | Popmotion

Popmotion x React provides a simple interface to bring Popmotion’s tweening, physics and input tracking capabilities to any React component.

Backbone (Marionette) to React | turkus

One day somebody gave me - a backend guy - an old school project written in Backbone with Marionette. At the beginning, I was trying to get into it, learn how it works etc, but after some while - at the time when React community was growing really fast - I said: That’s it! Let’s move to React.

Under the hood: ReactJS | Bogdan Lyashenko

This repository contains an explanation of inner work of ReactJS. In fact, I was debugging through the entire code base and put all the logic on visual block-schemes, analyzed them, summarized and explained main concepts and approaches. I’ve already finished with Stack version and now I work with the next, Fiber version.

Async operations in React Redux applications | Prasanna, Codebrahma

Introduction Javascript is a single thread programming language. That is when you have code something like this The second line doesn’t get executed till the first one gets completed. Mostly this won’t be a problem since millions of calculations are


The Importance of the Craftsman Mindset in Software Development | Vince Campanale

I just finished reading “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport. The book is centered around Cal’s argument that skills trump passion when it comes to finding work you love. He breaks his argument down into tenets and incrementally proves his thesis as only someone with a Ph.D. in Computer Science could do.


JavaScript Optimization Patterns (Part 1) | Benedikt Meurer

It’s been a while since my last blog post, mostly because I didn’t really have the time or the energy to sit down and write up all the stuff that I wanted to write about.

Screamin Speed with WebAssembly | Tom Lagier

This article continues my series chronicling my investigation into JavaScript performance by creating a visualization tool for Chrome memory profiles.


Introduction to D3 - YouTube

This tutorial teaches data visualization with D3.js from the ground up. After watching this, you will know how to make a scatter plot, bar chart, and line ch...


BotUI - A JavaScript framework to build conversational UIs.

A JavaScript framework to build conversational UIs.

GitHub - keaukraine/bootstrap-fs-modal

A simple way to improve Bootstrap modals UX on mobile phones.


GitHub - nucleartide/actor.js

Elixir-style actors in JavaScript

GitHub - vadimdemedes/dom-chef

🍔 Build DOM elements using JSX automatically


GitHub - wearehive/project-guidelines

A set of best practices for JavaScript projects

Why aren’t you using Prettier? | Rodrigo Pombo

Talking with someone about the huge number of options that exist in the JavaScript world, a question came up: If you have to pick just one tool released over the last few years, what would it be? For me, it’s Prettier.