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ISSUE #105

Ember FastBoot, Lazy loading with Vue, Apollo Server, and more


Ember FastBoot 1.0 Released

Ember FastBoot is a server-side rendering solution for ambitious Ember apps, allowing your Ember apps to use principles of progressive enhancement, such as an initial render of your app without JavaScript.


Lazy loading in Vue using Webpack's code splitting | Alex Jover

When a Vue app gets large, lazy loading components, routes or Vuex modules using Webpack’s code splitting will boost it by loading pieces of code only when needed.

The Story of our Progressive Migration from Backbone to Vue.js | Snipcart

I'm talking about our current progressive migration from our old Backbone architecture to the younger and more modern Javascript framework: Vue.js. Given the rising popularity of the latest, we certainly aren't the firsts to do the move, and won't be the lasts.


Apollo Server 1.0 — A GraphQL Server for all Node.js frameworks | Jonas Helfer

Apollo Server is a community-maintained, open-source GraphQL server. It works with all Node.js HTTP server frameworks: Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa, AWS Lambda, Restify and Micro. It is built on top of the graphql-js reference implementation.


A Beginner’s Guide to Progressive Web Apps & the Frontend Web | Angelos Chalaris

Developing for the frontend web and keeping up with the Javascript ecosystem and all the new terms and flashy frameworks can be intimidating to say the least. I wanted to try and go over it as much…


Laziness with Representable Functors | Brian Lonsdorf

At the end of the day, we want the whole thing, but while developing with hot reload and all, we don’t want to take the time to make every component on every change since it’s pretty expensive.


Javascript tools for end-to-end testing web applications | molsson

This post reviews available tools for end-to-end testing web applications using Javascript (i.e. tests that click buttons, type text etc). Many UI frameworks comes with a tool for this, but I’m looking specifically for a framework neutral tool so I’m not considering for example Protractor (Angular), Capybara (Ruby on Rails), Mirage (Ember) etc.


Building TubeAlert, a Serverless Progressive Web Site with push notifications | Hammerspace

TubeAlert is a web site intended to be a quick indicator of the status of the London Underground. It has a no-nonsense interface to give the answer immediately. It also allows the user to subscribe to a tube line and time slot to be alerted to any disruptions. It is all built on the open web from a simple webpage with progressive enhancement up to full progressive web app that can be added to the home screen. The goal was to build the full feature-set as cheaply as possible. This article is a case study documenting the techniques and tactics used as well as the technologies in play such as NodeJS, React, Service worker, Webpack, Serverless, Travis, AWS Lambda / S3 / DynamoDb / Cloudformation / Cloudwatch.


WebStorm 2017.2 released: Move symbol refactoring, import code style from ESLint, better webpack support, and more | WebStorm Blog

This big summer update adds powerful Move symbol refactoring, supports new code style options for JavaScript and TypeScript, improves testing with Karma and Mocha, and much more!