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ISSUE #109

Modules in Chrome, living with Angular 1, interview with Ryan Dahl, CycleJS, and more


Angular Boot Camp by Oasis Digital

Master Angular faster with our workshop-focused three day curriculum, taught by industry-leading enterprise developers. Public and private, in-person and online. Learn more at angularbootcamp.com.

Become a data visualization engineer with React + D3v4

Learn the basics with interactive examples right in your browser. Dive into 7 projects that teach you how it all fits together. Build interactive visualizations, create animations, and build fast performance with canvas. Learn everything there is to know about building beautiful apps with React and D3.

egghead.io - Learn professional JavaScript tools with Tutorial Videos & Training

* You don't need me to tell you those guys are awesome. The two my all-time favorite courses are Getting Started with Redux by Dan Abramov himself and of cause the iconic Professor Frisby Introduces Composable Functional JavaScript. As a Vue believer now I also have to include this one among my recommendations — Develop Basic Web Apps with Vue.js. Now go ahead and give it a try!


Announcing Yarn 1.0

Today, we are excited to announce the 1.0 release of the Yarn JavaScript package manager, a major step for the project. In the 11 months since its initial release, Yarn has generated a large following. Currently, there are more than 175,000 projects on GitHub with a yarn.lock file in their root directory.

Chrome 61 now supports JavaScript modules natively, unifying the way modular JavaScript can be written.

That makes it possible for Chrome to fetch granular dependencies in parallel, taking advantage of caching, avoiding duplications across the page and ensuring that script executes in the correct order.


Interview with Ryan Dahl, Creator of Node.js - Mapping The Journey

A Podcast, where we unmask the people who are making tremendous strides in tech, yet whose stories are seldom heard.


V8 JavaScript Engine: Fast Properties in V8 | Camillo Bruni, V8 JavaScript Engine

In this blog post we would like to explain how V8 handles JavaScript properties internally. From a JavaScript point of view there are only a few distinctions necessary for properties.

Javascript : The Curious Case of Null >= 0 | Abinav Seelan, Camp Vanilla

While compiling notes for a crash course on Javascript I was to give to a couple of colleagues, I came across a rather interesting scenario with null and relational operators


Functional Approach to Higher Order Components and Recompose | @prasanna, Codebrahma

This is a continuation of our previous post where we talked about how Higher Order Components (HOC) help abstraction of logic. This in turn helps simplifying a React application.

Cycle.js: A Unified Theory of Everything for JavaScript | Alanna Irving, OpenCollective

Cycle is like the physicist’s dream of a unified theory of everything, but for JavaScript.


A few steps to make your Angular 1.x app happier | Maxim Goncharuk, Binary Studio

For small applications like ‘Hello World!’ it’s very elegant and graceful. But as the application grows, the codebase becomes increasingly messy. To overcome all these difficulties, you have to follow certain rules and standards. I'd like to suggest you some of them below.


React tutorial for beginners - The Beginner's Guide to Learning React | ihatetomatoes.net

React tutorial for complete beginners. Learn the basic or React.js by following this simple guide for React newbies.


Building An Interactive Game of Thrones Map (Part I) - Node.js, PostGIS, and Redis | Patrick Triest

A 20-minute guide to building a Node.js API to query and serve geospatial "Game of Thrones" data from PostgreSQL (with the PostGIS extension) and Redis.

Build an Online Photo Filter Application | David Guan, Netscape

Building a photo filter application is a good way to practice graphics programming and provide something useful to ourselves.



A javascript library that makes your page dance.