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ISSUE #115

Writing declarative code, Q2 React talks, and more


Mozilla brings Microsoft, Google, the W3C, Samsung together to create cross-browser documentation on MDN

The goal is to consolidate information about web development for multiple browsers – not just Firefox. To support this collaboration, we’re forming a Product Advisory Board that will formalize existing relationships and guide our progress in the years to come.

Introducing PayPal’s open-source cross-domain javascript suite

Last year, we decided to focus on putting together a really solid suite of tools to help avoid these pitfalls, and allow us to create great experiences without constantly having to worry about whether a message would get through, or whether an iframe would successfully render.


Writing flat & declarative code | Peeke.nl

Recently I have picked up an interest in functional programming. Its concepts fascinate me: applying math to enable strong abstractions and forcing purity to avoid side effects and enable good reusability of code. I also find it incredibly complex.


85 React talks recorded at meetups and conferences during Q2

MeetupFeed is a curation of recorded talks from the latest tech meetups and conferences. It makes it easy for developers to follow and discover what’s happening in their global communities.

An Introduction to React Components | Sarah Chima, dev.io

A component is a reusable chunk of code. Components make it possible to divide any UI into independent, reusable pieces and think about these pieces in isolation. Just like a pure function, a component should ideally do just one thing. What are we waiting for? Let's create a component right away.


Node8’s util.promisify is so freakin’ awesome! | James Jeffery, Hackernoon

In this guide you will learn how to use Node’s util.promisify to promisify your own functions. This utility function was included in NodeJS version 8. If you plan to follow along with this guide you’ll need to install the latest version. As an added bonus I also show you how to use promisify with await and async.


How Ember.js Enables Us to Focus on Shipping Features | Matic Jurglic, Nightwatch Blog

Here at Nightwatch, we count ourselves lucky to have correctly made an important decision when we started developing our ambitious web interface for the services we offer online. Now, we want to tell you about it, hoping it can benefit you too.


Screen capture in Google Chrome | Phil Nash, Twilio

To build screen sharing capabilities into a WebRTC video chat application you must first be able to capture the content on screen. In this post we’re going to see how to access the screen capture capabilities of Google Chrome from within a web application.


JavaScript End to End Testing Framework | Cypress.io

Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. Install Cypress in seconds and take the pain out of front-end testing.

End-to-end Tests that Don’t Suck with Puppeteer | Trevor Miller

How we are using headless Chrome to write end-to-end tests that don’t drive you crazy


Using Chrome DevTools to debug frontend and backend JavaScript | Chris Opperwall

Using debugging tools is an excellent way to understand what is happening in your application. A debugger can help you quickly pinpoint the cause of a bug, and can also give you a more complete snapshot of your program’s state than by using console.logs