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ISSUE #116

Chrome 62, web components, state of Vue, and more


New in Chrome 62 | Pete LePage, Google Developers

What's new in Chrome 62 for developers? Improved Network Information API, Support for OpenType Variable Fonts, new ways to capture media and more!

Fractal animation

You can code this colorful, real-time animated fractal in only 32 lines of Javascript code!


HTML Web Component using Vanilla JavaScript | Ayush Gupta

Web Components have been around for a while now. Google has really been trying to push for their more widespread adoption, but most major browsers still have very little support for it, except for Opera and Chrome. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to create your own HTML tags with styles, functionality, and markup neatly packaged in their own files.

The Web Fundamentals GapThe Web Fundamentals Gap | ZenDev, LLC

There are no shortage of boot camps, courses, and resources to learn front-end development out there, but having interviewed a lot of the folks coming out of these boot camps, I think there is a serious under-appreciation of the importance of CSS and the fundamentals of JavaScript.

Js: Vanilla two way binding | Santiago García Da Rosa

As you can see, implementing a two way binding is not that difficult and it is great to be able to do it by your self.


Building a No Man's Sky Utility with Node and Vue.js | Raymond Camden

Nearly a year ago I blogged my review of "No Man's Sky", a game that garnered near universal hate or love, with not many people in the middle. Since that time, the game has been updated a few times and it has become incredibly rich. I'm now on my second play and I see myself dedicating all of my game playing time on it for the next few months. (This is also the first game I bought for both console and PC.

Building a Budget Manager with Vue.js and Node.js (Part II) | Gustavo Domaradzki

Hello again, and welcome to part two of this tutorial series where we’ll learn how to build a complete Vue.js and Node.js Budget Manager application. You can find the first part of this series here…


Tutorial: Build an Interactive Virtual Globe with Three.js | Jeanne Castillo

tl;dr: I recently became aware of the power of Virtual Reality, from its ability to create fun, immersive experiences to the impact it could have on the mental health field. I dove into three.js, a popular library for rendering 3D in the browser, to learn for myself how to build interactive, three-dimensional experiences with JavaScript. This post includes an introductory tutorial that will expose you to the library and teach you how to make an interactive rotating globe.


Redux TDD: a deep dive | Luca Matteis

Redux TDD is a simple library that let’s you test React components along with the Redux data-flow in a test-driven development (TDD) fashion.


Partially-applied (or curried) functions could obfuscate the JavaScript stack trace | Thai Pangsakulyanont

When learning functional programming in JavaScript, it is very tempting to write code in a pointfree style as much as possible. Writing functions in pointfree-style means you write a function without…


How to switch from Gulp to Webpack: a tutorial to get you started | VALENTINO G

Switching from Gulp to Webpack 3 is traumatic. But fear not, I’ll guide you through the process. This is a tutorial that gets you covered, code included!

How to debug Progressive Web Apps using Browser Developer Tools

This tutorial explains what tools the Chrome and Firefox Dev Tools display that help you debug a Progressive Web App. First things first. A Progressive Web App (PWA) is an app that can provide extra…

Devhints — TL;DR for developer documentation

A ridiculous collection of web development cheatsheets · One-page guide to