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ISSUE #120

Chrome breaks the web, dynamic imports, and other stories


My web app died from performance bankruptcy | tonsky.me

TL;DR: Chrome team breaks existing web to make Chrome perform better

Dynamic import | Mathias Bynens, Google

Dynamic import() introduces a new function-like form of import that unlocks new capabilities compared to static import. This article compares the two and gives an overview of what's new.

Scaffolding a NodeJS GraphQL API server | Tom Lagier

Recently, I’ve been working on a new full-stack project and I wanted to take the opportunity to try my hand at creating a GraphQL API. I didn’t find many resources that walked through the whole stack on the back-end from DB to ORM to API design, including tests, so I thought I could help some other folks by laying out what I ended up with.

JavaScript Works - Programming is hard. That is precisely why you should learn it | Roger Collier

I began to learn how to code using JavaScript four months ago, starting with freeCodeCamp’s front-end curriculum. For me, programming became a hobby.


An Introduction to ES6 Template Literals | Sarah Chima

Template Literals are string literals that allow embedded expressions. If that sounds confusing, fret not, you'll get a hang of it soon.

Let your JavaScript variables be constant | Jakub Janczyk

I would like to guide you through a more in-depth, yet simple, explanation of ES6 variables — number one on the list from our previous article: let and const. Let’s start with some basics.

GitHub - waterlink/Challenge-Build-Your-Own-Array-In-Js

This is a challenge that will allow you to practice your logical, analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, by the end of it you’ll have much better command of arrays in javascript.


A Look at Angular Alongside Vue | John Papa

I spent a few days on and off learning parts of Vue to write a small app. I wrote the same app with Angular. I'm sharing my experience of working through Vue for the first time to help others that may be curious about the JavaScript framework landscape.

Progressively migrating from AngularJS to Vue.js at Unbabel | Joao Sardinha

Because completely rewriting an existing production application would be very time consuming and prevent the application roadmap of moving forward, we’ve found it’s almost always better to make small changes and release often. The only requirement here is to have a clear vision about where you want to be when it’s done.


Your JavaScript Chart Should Move — Here’s How | Christian Nwamba

On some occasions, data can be made instantly available at fast intervals. The data can change so fast that the user of a conventional app won’t have the realtime update, even if they constantly…

Flappy Bird Game Using JavaScript | The Best Explanation Ever - YouTube

Today we're going to create the flappy bird game using pure JavaScript, someone with the basics in JS, can follow the tutorial without in problem, because we will go step by step until the end.

Step-by-step modeling a neural network for classification

I wanted to focus here on the modeling procedure of a neural network for classification. How to choose the number of intermediate layers and the associated…


Free Tools for Front End Web Developers | Alex Kras

Bellow is a list of tools that I find helpful as a web developer.

GitHub - rapidjs/rapid.js

An ORM-like Interface and a Router For Your API Requests