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ISSUE #123

The first issue of 2018


Designing APIs: use arrays instead of rest parameters | Ivan Akulov

Or why _.get({}, ['deep', 'prop']) is better than _.get({}, 'deep', 'prop')

Date and Time in JavaScript | Ayush Gupta

Programmers usually don’t understand the complexity of dates and time until they have to dip their toes in this world. Handling timezones, taking daylight savings in account and date math are some of the things that make handling dates and time a nightmare for developers.

Robust Client-Side JavaScript | Mathia⁠s Schafer

Why do we need to talk about robust JavaScript and how do we achieve it?

JS things I never knew existed | Nick

I was reading through the MDN docs the other day and found these JS features and APIs I never knew existed. So here is a short list of those things, useful or not - learning JS seemingly never ends.


Upgrading DriveTribe to React 16 | Matt Perry

A 33% speed increase for doing as close to nothing as this profession allows


Introducing Hyperapp 1.0 🎉

This milestone means the API has reached stability and the churn is finally over. It took us almost a year to arrive at the current API and while it will never be perfect, done is better than perfect…


Building a FoodKick SMS Sale Notifier Bot | David Mieloch

My wife and I are always on the go and have begun to really depend on grocery delivery services like FoodKick and FreshDirect. We began to notice specific sale items that were a great value and we…


GitHub - paragonie/past

Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens

GitHub - stimulusjs/stimulus

A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have