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ISSUE #124

Harvesting credit card numbers, brutal lifecycle of JavaScript, and more


I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how. | David Gilbertson

The following is a true story. Or maybe it’s just based on a true story. Perhaps it’s not true at all.

The Brutal Lifecycle of JavaScript Frameworks - Stack Overflow Blog | Ian Allen

JavaScript UI frameworks and libraries work in cycles. Every six months or so, a new one pops up, claiming that it has revolutionized UI development. Thousands of developers adopt it into their new projects, blog posts are written, Stack Overflow questions are asked and answered, and then a newer (and even more revolutionary) framework pops up to usurp the throne.


Six Tiny But Awesome ES7 + ES8 Features | David Walsh

Let's have a look at some of the "small" functionality that ES7 and ES8 brought us!

5 Front-End Technologies I’m Keeping My Eye on in 2018 | Benjamin Johnson

My wife is from Las Vegas. At New Years Eve just a week ago, Las Vegas swarmed with over 300,000 guests. Some of those guests left a lot richer than when they were when they arrived in Vegas, no…


Native ES Modules in NodeJS: Status And Future Directions, Part I | Gil Tayar

Let’s see how ES Modules are implemented in NodeJS. Theoretically, this should have been a simple thing — just implement the spec in NodeJS, and be done with it. The spec is pretty well defined, so where’s the problem? Why can’t this post just be, “ES Modules are now natively implemented in NodeJS, so go forth and use them”


React, Redux and JavaScript Architecture | James Sinclair

The thing is, understanding how to write React and Redux code is one thing. Understanding why you'd want to use React and Redux is another matter entirely. Once you understand the why of React, then modern JavaScript starts to make more sense.

React Redux Tutorial for Beginners: learning Redux in 2018

Redux literally scares most beginners. That shouldn't be your case. This is the simplest React Redux tutorial I wish I had when I started learning. Come over and learn Redux!

Code Splitting with React and React Router | Tyler McGinnis

Code splitting has gained popularity recently for its ability to allow you to split your app into separate bundles your users can progressively load. In this post we'll take a look at not only what code splitting is and how to do it, but also how to implement it with React Router.

5 practical tips to finally learn React in 2018 | Gosha Arinich

My hope with this article — and my blog and mailing list in general — is to share what I’ve learned in years so that you don’t have to waste time.


How To Make a Simple Multiplayer Online Car Game with JavaScript | Gustavo Domaradzki

Hello everyone, today I’ll be writing about how to make a simple multiplayer online game. By the end of this tutorial you’ll have a functional server where players can connect and drive around, there…

Node.js + face-recognition.js : Simple and Robust Face Recognition using Deep Learning | Vincent Mühler

In this article I am going to show you how to perform robust face detection and face recognition using face-recognition.js. I was looking for a promising Node.js library that produces accurate face…

Visualizing Sorting Algorithms with Web Audio for the Heck of It | Casper Beyer

Once a week, usually on Sundays I try to set aside time to make something random, usually it is the result of a “what if” shower thought. A few weeks ago I started wondering what sorting algorithms…


GitHub - Swizz/trdis

The most known way to travel in space and time


A browser extension which gives different filetypes different icons on GitHub.