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ISSUE #133

What is new in JS Frameworks, you might no need lodash, diving into React, and more


Bringing interactive examples to MDN | Will Bamberg

Over the last year and a bit, the MDN Web Docs team has been designing, building, and implementing interactive examples for our reference pages. The motivation for this was the idea that MDN should do more to help “action-oriented” users: people who like to learn by seeing and playing around with example code, rather than by reading about it.

typeof null: investigating a classic JavaScript bug | Alex Ellis

In my last post, I looked into some JavaScript casting and explored why 0 <= null evaluates as true. For this post, I’d like to investigate another unexpected behavior in JavaScript: why typeof(null) evaluates as 'object'.

What’s New in JavaScript Frameworks — March 2018 | John Hannah

Welcome to the first edition of a new feature here on JavaScript Report. Each month we’ll go over the important things you need to know about what’s happening with front end JavaScript frameworks. We’ll be covering usage, performance, conferences, trainings and more.

JavaScript vs. TypeScript vs. ReasonML | Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

In this blog post, I describe the pros and cons of three programming languages/dialects: JavaScript, TypeScript and ReasonML. My descriptions are based on recent experiences with TypeScript and ReasonML on a few smaller real-world projects and on years of experience with JavaScript.

You Might Not Need Lodash | Antonin Januska

My favorite Lodash methods replaced by JavaScript native methods


Node.js Callback VS Promise VS async/await | LouisLam's Blog

Here is an example that show you why you have to use async/await especially in many callback functions in a single task.


Building a Github Client with React Apollo | GraphQL College

In this article you will learn how to use React Apollo to interact with Github GraphQL API. We will build a github client step by step.

Diving into ReactJS | Ejaz Bawasa

The minimalist guide to getting started with React.

React Testing Tutorial: Test Frameworks & Component Tests - RWieruch

Writing tests is an essential part of software development to ensure a robust application. Tests enable us to automatically verify that our application is working on a certain level. The certain level depends on the quality, quantity (coverage) and type of your tests (unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests).

10 tips for React Redux At Scale | Baptiste Manson

In this Meetup, Baptiste Manson provides feedback after 2 years usage of React Redux at Scale with a team of more than 20 developers in Matters Startup Studi...


Making the World From Scratch | α.vez

Javascript has a fun and easy-to-use way to create graphics in the browser called Canvas. Canvas has a relatively simple 2D API and a complex 3D API (webGL). I’ve been particularly interested in the 2D API because it’s simple; when I started using it I was able to create some pretty interesting and complex things quickly.

A Simple Guide to Taking a Web Page Offline, using Service Workers | Adeyinka Adegbenro

A service worker is a script that runs in the background when your application/website is running. It acts as an intermediary between the browser and your app.

GPU-accelerated Neural Networks in JavaScript | Sebastian Kwiatkowski

According to the Octoverse 2017 report, JavaScript is the most popular language on Github. Measured by the number of pull requests, the level of JavaScript activity is comparable to that of Python, Java and Go combined.

Simple A/B Testing with Google Optimize | Riccardo Canella

Google Optimize is a free tool for creating experiments for conversion rate testing. You set up experiments for various elements on your pages and then Google randomly serves the different versions of your pages to real visitors who come to your website.

How to write a modular Alexa clone in 40 lines of JavaScript | Jensen Bernard

For a while, I have been looking around for a decent speech-to-text library which is easy to setup, easy to use, and free. After searching for a while I gave up and started working on another…


14 Open Sourcing oclif, the CLI Framework that Powers Our CLIs | Heroku

This article will help you write a basic virtual assistant which will work in Chrome. For this example, you will have to serve your files on a server. I will use a basic preact app for this purpose since it makes it easy to set up a server and it makes it possible tweak some UI afterward without getting a headache. A demo of what will be created here can be found on robinjs.party.


Handpicked collection of vscode extensions for FE development.



Snake game built with react/redux


🔥 Simple stupid CPU/MEM "Profiler" for your JS code.


A tool to easily send e-mails from the command line