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ISSUE #135

Underscore 1.9, Vue-powered static site generator, and more



Evan You presented his secret "side-hustle" — a Vue-powered Static Site Generator.

Underscore.js 1.9.0

Hard to believe but underscore released a new version. It has been 3 year since the last one.


Truly understanding Async/Await | Rafael Vidaurre

In this article, I’ll attempt to demystify the async/await syntax by diving into what it really is and how it really works behind the scenes.

Designing very large (JavaScript) applications | Malte Ubl

I used to build very large JavaScript applications. I don’t really do that anymore, so I thought it was a good time to give a bit of a retrospective and share what I learned.


Web Security for Single Page Applications: great impact with little effort | Nicola Molinari

As the web keeps growing, so do the challenges that we need to undertake in order to maintain a high level of trust and security for our Web Applications. Recently browser vendors have been implementing great new features based on the W3C specs to provide better and more advanced tools to allow us, developers, to keep up with those challenges.


Dependencies Done Right | Yarn Blog

Let’s say we want to write a React plugin. Since we’ll need to require the react package, we add it to our dependencies like this...


Wes Bos's React cours

Learn React.js just in a couple of afternoons.

How To Write Better Code In React – Bits and Pieces

9 Useful Tips for writing better code in React: Learn about Linting, propTypes, PureComponent and more.


Add auth protection anywhere in your react/react-native app

A complete React with GraphQL Tutorial | RWieruch

In this tutorial, you will learn how to combine React with GraphQL in your application. There is no clever library such as Apollo Client or Relay involved to help you out in the beginning. Instead, you will perform GraphQL queries and mutations with plain HTTP requests.

How To Master Advanced React Design Patterns | Shaun David Hutch

In this Part, we will discuss a design pattern that can address all of the problems that we have identified up to this point. It is called: render props.

Sharing components between React apps | Julian

Frontend libraries like React excel at making reusable components. But how do you actually share those components between different apps? This article explains how to create a component library that is shared between a web app and a landing page.


pico.js: face detection in JavaScript

All the processing is done on the client side, i.e., without sending images to a server.



Replace elements with to automatically pre-cache images and improve page performance.


An educational app to help you learn about spices, built on top of react-native.


Cli that plays a song every time btc values changes