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ISSUE #137

Backdoor in an Npm module, parallel programming in JS, and more


Somebody Tried to Hide a Backdoor in a Popular JavaScript | Catalin Cimpanu

The Node Package Manager (npm) team avoided a disaster today when it discovered and blocked the distribution of a cleverly hidden backdoor mechanism inside a popular —albeit deprecated JavaScript package.

Want to be a top developer? You should build things. Here’s another list to get you started. | Indrek Lasn

Nothing good comes easy. If it’s hard, it’s worth doing. Most of us are excited to code, but frequently lack the ideas. Allow me to present some challenging, yet fun ideas to build.


Parallel programming in JavaScript | Uday Hiwarale

Even though JavaScript is one of the most beloved languages, it also disliked by some programmers. One reason is that JavaScript is a single threaded language. It is horrible when it comes to non-blocking operations.

BigInt: arbitrary-precision integers in JavaScript | Google Developers

BigInts are a new numeric primitive in JavaScript that can represent integers with arbitrary precision. This article walks through some use cases and explains the new functionality in Chrome 67 by comparing BigInts to Numbers in JavaScript.

The Rise of JavaScript Scheduling | James Milner

A high level post examining scheduling work in JavaScript

A guide to JavaScript Regular Expressions | Flavio Copes

Learn everything about JavaScript Regular Expressions with this brief guide that summarizes the most important concepts and shows them off with examples


Getting started with Node.js: Introduction | Nilesh Singh

It was the year 1989 when Sir Tim Berners-Lee proposed the vision for what we know as the Internet today. Even though the proposal wasn't very well received, he was granted time to work on the early version of the web and thus the coming months saw the first drafts of the HTML, URI, and HTTP and the first browser, WorldWideWeb.app as well as the first web server, httpd.


10 expert ReactJS tips that you need to know today | Matt Crouch

Get more out of the web’s most popular JavaScript framework.

A complete React with Apollo and GraphQL Tutorial | Robin Wieruch

This React with Apollo and GraphQL tutorial shows you how to use GraphQL in your React application by consuming GitHub's GraphQL API. You will use Apollo for your query and mutation implementations on the client-side of your React application. This Apollo in React tutorial attempts to teach you using Apollo in React from zero to one ...

How To Master Advanced React Design Patterns: Render Props | Shaun David Hutch

In this Part, we will discuss a design pattern that can address all of the problems that we have identified up to this point. It is called: render props.

You Don’t Need Redux, MobX, RxJS, Cerebral | Fox Donut

I know what you’re thinking: Redux alternatives are a dime a dozen. But this isn’t yet another library. In fact, it’s not a library at all. Using a pattern instead of a library means that you have…


A React environment for cross platform native desktop apps


Vuex Pathify - ridiculously simple Vuex setup + wiring

Ridiculously simple Vuex setup + wiring