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ISSUE #140

Micro-Frontends to Solve Legacy, Cpp for Javascript developers, and more


Buying GitHub Would Take Microsoft Back to Its Roots

I know what you think. People are irritated, frustrated and scared. But I think we need to give them a chance. Microsoft is not company it used to be anymore, and they did a lot for open source community for the past several years (for example, Visual Code). So let's just watch how it'll be going.

Using Micro-Frontends to Permanently Solve the Legacy JavaScript Problem | Beamery

Legacy is a constant in JavaScript. Frameworks that were once the latest and greatest are now old and reviled. Backbone, AngularJS, JQuery, DOJO, YUI. Beautiful, extraordinary things with enormous…

C++ for JavaScript developers | Pawel Grzybek

One of my resolutions for 2018 is to learn a new programming language. I decided to go with C++ and after a few months, I am ready to share with you some of my thoughts.


A Quick, Practical Use Case for ES6 Generators – ITNEXT | Shawn Reisner

You’ve probably heard of ES6 generators, perhaps you’ve even learned the syntax, and you may be wondering what they’re actually useful for in real life.

What is "this" in JavaScript? | Rajat S

If you have been building things using JavaScript libraries, you might have noticed a particular keyword called this.

Javascript ES6 — Iterables and Iterators | Deepak Gupta

Without iterable, it is difficult to manage the iteration on data for various type of data structures i.e iterating on array is different from iterating on an object. Also, ES6 has introduced new…


10 Things I Regret About Node.js (Video) | Ryan Dahl

See also https://github.com/ry/deno JSConf EU is coming back in 2019 https://2019.jsconf.eu/


Tip: npm-installing directories | 2ality

Quick tip: npm lets you install directories, which is occasionally useful for organizing projects. For example, as a temporary step before uploading packages to npm (think lightweight npm link).

To Yarn and Back (to npm) Again | Spencer Brown

Last year, we decided to move all of our JavaScript projects from npm to Yarn.



A strawman experiment in subclassing Promise and "fixing" a bunch of its awkward/bad parts


Progressively highlight any text on a page.