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ISSUE #150

What Is Coming In Vue 3, Google to Pay JS Frameworks, The State Of JS 2018, and more


Google to pay JavaScript frameworks to implement performance-first code | Catalin Cimpanu

Google to create $200,000 fund to sponsor the addition of "on by default" performance-related updates in popular JavaScript frameworks.

Vue 3.0 Updates

Vue 3.0 is coming very soon. Here's a presentation from Evan You on what's coming with it.

The State of JavaScript 2018

This year, we surveyed over 20,000 JavaScript developers to figure out what they're using, what they're happy with, and what they want to learn. And the result is a unique collection of stats and insights that will hopefully help you make your own way through the JavaScript ecosystem.


Object destructuring and currying in functional JavaScript | James Sinclair

Currying is one of the most formidable weapons in our functional programming arsenal. Combined with composition, it's extremely powerful. But is currying useful if you're doing object destructuring with your function parameters?


React 101: Things every beginner should know

So, after a long discussion with peers, and an even longer online research -- Stack Overflow and what not -- you have finally chosen to go with React. You have successfully neglected frameworks and libraries such as Angular, Vue and even Jquery after a long consideration for your upcoming project. Congratulations, you have successfully been influenced.


WebSockets - A Conceptual Deep-Dive

The WebSocket protocol elevated the possibilities of communication over the internet and gave way to a truly realtime web. This article is all about building a deeper understanding of what WebSockets are, how they came to be and what’s actually going on under the hood of applications using WebSockets.


GitHub - morrisallison/event-station

🚝 A versatile and robust event emitter class.


How To Build A Simple In-Memory Cache in Node.js | Timothy Barmann

A colleague suggested that I cache the API call response. I thought this suggestion was a good idea since the data did not change very often and the app ran continuously hitting the same endpoint frequently. A cache would cut down on network requests and boost performance, since fetching from memory is typically much faster than making an API request.


Creating iOS 12 Shortcuts with JavaScript and Shortcuts JS | Josh Farrant

Shortcuts JS lets you build Shortcuts quickly and easily using JavaScript. You can find it on npm as shortcuts-js, and find the documentation on GitHub.

How to Mock AWS Services in TypeScript | Kyle Galbraith

I’ve recently been working on a new project to automatically convert blog posts to audio that has a couple different serverless microservices. Each microservice is initialized using the Serverless Framework and typically consists of one or more Lambda functions and either an…

Peeking under the hood of redesigned Gmail | Boris

Half a year ago Google announced an updated version of Gmail interface. Despite multiple complaints from people, this is the default interface now. Among the other issues, people noted performance…

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