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ISSUE #153

Standart Library Proposal, A Taste Of ES2019, WebAssembly Is Fast, and more


JavaScript Standart Library Proposal (Stage 1)

This proposal describes adding a standard library to JavaScript that holds a set of APIs that can be used at runtime. It also describes how the standard library can be used by developers, what APIs could be part of the standard library and how it can be extended/evolved over time.

JavaScript Getter-Setter Pyramid | André Staltz

The cornerstone of JavaScript is the function. It is a flexible abstraction that works as the basis for other abstractions, such as Promises, Iterables, Observables, and others. I have been teaching these concepts in conferences and workshops, and over time I have found an elegant summary of these abstractions, layed out in a pyramid. In this blog post I’ll provide a tour through these layers in the pyramid.

JavaScript traits: the clean way to modify global prototypes | Paolo Giangrandi

Traits are a feature used by most modern languages to implement polymorphism without relying on inheritance. We’ll introduce them, show which problems they would solve in JavaScript, and suggest a…

A Taste from ES2019 | Nitay Neeman

Let's explore four new minor features that were approved by the TC39 committee and are going to be part of the ECMAScript 2019 specification.


WebAssembly Is Fast: A Real-World Benchmark of WebAssembly vs. ES6 | Aaron Turner

Am analysis of WebAssembly vs. JavaScript ( ES5 / ES6 ) performance. Using a benchmarking tool written around different compiler outputs of WasmBoy, a GB / GBC Emulator written in AssemblyScript.



Why I no longer use D3.js | Paul Sweeney

Every time I work on a project with visualisations, project managers usually react in horror when I say I’m not using D3. Why is there concern? Why would I choose to not use D3? When answering these…

Stop Learning Frameworks | Eduards Sizovs

We are developers. We need to stay up to date with technology. Every day, we learn programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. The more modern tools we know — the better.


How to Write a Game in Under 13 Kb While Taking Care of a Baby Jaime González García

A story of epic adventure about writing a game in under 13Kb against all odds


DevTools tips — day 6: the Command Menu | Tomek Sułkowski

The Command Menu is the quickest way to access the full potential of Chrome DevTools. Let’s see some of the examples!

Better NPM'ing, Tips and Tricks using NPM | Thomas Queste

I discovered several tips working with NPM on a daily basis. Here are the top ones.

Let's talk JS ⚡ | @areknawo

Best ways of documenting your JS code. JavaScript documentation tools and generators. Literate programming etc.

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