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ISSUE #154

Electron 4 Released, The State Of Css-in-JS, and more


Electron 4.0.0 Released

The Electron team is excited to announce that the stable release of Electron 4 is now available! You can install it from electronjs.org or from npm via npm install electron@latest. The release is packed with upgrades, fixes, and new features, and we can't wait to see what you build with them.

The Fragmented, But Evolving State of CSS-in-JS

TLDR: The CSS-in-JS community has converged on a consistent API. Not so long ago, a Facebook engineer compiled a list of the available CSS-in-JS

Neural networks in JavaScript | Scrimba.com

A fun and practical introduction to Brain.js. This 19-part course teaches you how to build your own neural networks through a mix of lectures and interactive tutorials.


Still confused in JS scopes? | Deepak Gupta

The scope is the accessibility of variables, functions, or objects in some particular part of your code during runtime. They came in existence when the principle of least privilege was applied in…

Why does {. . . .0} evaluate to {}?

TLDR: Spreading 0 (or any number) into an object yields an empty object


Server Side Rendering with React

What is Server Side Rendering? How to do it with React?

ferrucc.io | A functional IDE for React

Re-Imagining IDEs for functional programming. What happens when functions replace files and become the smallest unit of code.


Keep Code Consistent Across Developers The Easy Way — With Prettier & ESLint | Paige Niedringhaus

This post is for all the JavaScript developers out there who’ve ever developed any application with another person (or plan to). If that’s you, keep reading. If you’re a solo, rockstar, ninja…


GitHub - madewithlove/music-fns

A JavaScript music utility library that contains small music notation related functions.