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ISSUE #156

GitHub Productivity Tips, JavaScript this, and more


8 Productivity Tips for GitHub

GitHub is built with some extremely helpful shortcuts and productivity-boosting features. From personal experience, however, it’s clear that these often fall under the radar amongst developers. If I’ve ever witnessed a specific GitHub feature surprise or assist someone, then that feature is on this page. That said, what follows is by no means an exhaustive list.


🚀 JavaScript Upgrade: Improve Your JavaScript Skills By Watching Short Videos And Having Fun

The author of this newsletter has a screencast now! Short videos on JavaScript latest trends, frameworks and libraries every week. In the upcoming videos we'll look closely at the spread operator, JS symbols, useful tricks and the React Hooks API.


Javascript Context — this keyword | Deepak Gupta

Context is one of those topics that always create a lot of confusion when starting learning javascript and a topic that interviewer ask a lot.


GitHub - eddyerburgh/simple-redux

A bare-bones redux implementation for teaching purposes.

Lazy loading modules with Webpack

My personal web site is all Javascript, only one HTML file and no framework. I'm using webpack as a bundler and lazy loading to improve performance and I'm really happy with it!


Vue.js Examples

A nice collection of often useful examples done in Vue.js


How I Used My Programming Skills to Save Over 8 Hours of Writing Work | Maciej Cieślar

Recently on Facebook David Smooke (the CEO of Hackernoon) posted an article in which he listed 2018’s Top Tech Stories. He also mentioned that if someone wished to make a similar list about say JavaScript he would be happy to feature it on the frontpage of Hackernoon. In a constant struggle to get more people to read my work I could not miss this opportunity, so I immediately started to plan how to approach making such a list.

Webcam live streaming with WebSockets and Base64 | Alex Cambose

We want to stream live video from the webcam to any connected client.



Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.