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ISSUE #160

React With Hooks, Vue 2.6, React As a UI Runtime


React v16.8: The One With Hooks

With React 16.8, React Hooks are available in a stable release!

React-Redux Roadmap: v6, Context, Subscriptions, and Hooks

Back in December, we released React-Redux version 6.0. This release featured a major rearchitecture of the implementations for <Provider> and connect, centered around our use of React's context API.

Vue 2.6 released! | Evan You

Yesterday we just celebrated the 5th Vueniversary — today we are excited to announce the release of Vue 2.6 “Macross”!

Visual Studio Code January 2019

See what is new in the Visual Studio Code January 2019 Release (1.31)


Back-off and retry using JavaScript arrays and promises

JavaScript's Array and Promise types compose nicely with functional programming idioms to control concurrency without recourse to 3rd-party libraries. This post contrasts two such patterns that enable you to process data either concurrently or serially, with back-off and retry logic in the event of errors occurring.

Building a Node.js API with TypeScript and GraphQL

GraphQL is a strongly typed query language, and Typescript is a typed superset of JavaScript - together they are a match made in heaven! In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a GraphQL API and use Node.js and TypeScript to apply authentication and real-time responses using subscriptions.


Making setInterval Declarative with React Hooks | Dan Abramov

How I learned to stop worrying and love refs.

React as a UI Runtime | Dan Abramov

An in-depth description of the React programming model.


Morellet crosses with JavaScript | Max Halford

The days I’m working on a deep learning project. I hate it but I promised myself to give it a real try. My scripts are taking a long time so I decided to do some procedural art while I waited. This time I’m going to reproduce the following crosses made by François Morellet. I saw them the last I went to the Musée Pompidou with some friends from university. I don’t have any smartphone anymore so one my friends was kind enough to take a few pictures for me, including this one.

The AdTech Industry is Ruining Web Push Notifications for PWAs | Vance Lucas

By the time web notifications are widely supported in all browsers and mobile devices for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to use, it will be too late. Most users will have already blocked or completely disabled them.

Obfuscated javascript, scam emails, and American Express | JonLuca DeCaro

Earlier today I received a scam email that managed to evade both my and gmail’s email filters. I wanted to get a closer look at how it did it and what it’s trying to accomplish.

Rendering on the Web

In order to better understand the architectures we’re choosing from when we make this decision, we need to have a solid understanding of each approach and consistent terminology to use when speaking about them. The differences between these approaches help illustrate the trade-offs of rendering on the web through the lens of performance.


Chrome Extension that tracks time you spent on Youtube

Chrome Extension that tracks time you spent on Youtube.

Finance.js — JavaScript library for financial calculations

Finance.js makes it easy to incorporate common financial calculations into your application. The library is built on pure JavaScript without any dependencies.


JavaScript Upgrade 🚀

Just a reminder that I'm also running a weekly screencast series :) Short (10-15 min) tutorial videos exploring and explaining the modern JavaScript features, frameworks, and the ecosystem. Follow here.

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