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ISSUE #161

Bootstrap withou jQuery, Next.js 8, and more


Bootstrap v5 without jQuery by Johann-S · Pull Request #23586 · twbs/bootstrap

The next version of Bootstrap will be jQuery-free by default

Next.js 8

Next.js 8 introduces Serverless Mode, smaller bundles, performance improvements, and more


Why I've stopped exporting defaults from my JavaScript modules | Nicholas C. Zakas

It didn’t matter if I was using JavaScript modules (or ECMAScript modules, as many prefer to call them) or CommonJS, I was still stumbling over importing from modules with default exports. I got a variety of responses to the tweet, many of which questioned how I could come to this decision. This post is my attempt to clarify my thinking.

A Guide To Prototype-Based Class Inheritance In JavaScript

Computer languages often provide a way for one object to be inherited from another object. The inherited object contains all properties from its parent object. In addition, it will also specify its own set of unique properties.


Why we have chosen Electron

Today I’d like to tell you why we chose Electron for building our application.

How ads are loaded so fast: the command queue pattern | Michele Nasti

Sometimes ads are loaded on a page even before you actually see any content. How? The first thing we learned at university is to wait for the DOM to have completely loaded, before doing anything to the DOM itself. This does not apply to ads, or better to say, ad companies use many tricks to load ads without blocking the DOM.

Using TensorFlow.js to Automate the Chrome Dinosaur Game (part 1) | Aayush Arora

An introduction to building and implementing neural networks on TensorFlow.js


Performance vs Readability | Riccardo Polacci

JavaScript has been evolving into a more readable language. There is no doubt about that, and there is no harm either. Software development is a dynamic market where teams change constantly, meaning…

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