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ISSUE #162

Factory Pattern In JavaScript, An Intro To React, And More


Creating objects dynamically with factory pattern in javascript | Enmanuel Duran

Let's learn how to take advantage of this creational pattern to organize and create objects dynamically in javascript.

JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome | Addy Osmani

How browsers schedule and execute scripts can impact the performance of web pages. While techniques like script defer, link rel=preload (and others) influence script loading, knowing how browsers interpret them can also be helpful. Thanks to Kouhei Ueno, we now have an up to date summary of script scheduling in Chrome.

JavaScript Random Facts - typeof null is object

In this post I will talk about Tricky and Awsome JavaScript codes that you need to know like typeof null is object and typeof NaN is number


A (re)introduction to React

In this tutorial, I'll first help you understand why Facebook felt the need to build a library called React. I'll cover all the basic concepts that you'd need to create your first React app. This tutorial aims to reintroduce React by clearly explaini...

Navi – Frontend Armory

Declarative, asynchronous routing for React.


Vue & React lifecycle method comparison | Ash Kyd

This was going to be a longer post but I thought this was interesting enough to post now. React and Vue both have fairly well defined lifecycle events which we can use to successfully navigate the mys


Beautiful parallax 2019 edition | Filip Vitas

I will show you how parallax is easy to implement with CSS variables and I will flavor it with just a little bit of vanilla JS


Some Lesser Known TypeScript Features | Elie Steinbock

In the past few years, TypeScript has become a popular way to write JavaScript apps. The language is immense and can do a lot of things. Here’s a short list of some rarer TypeScript features you may…

TSLint in 2019

Palantir is the creator and primary maintainer of TSLint, the standard linter for the TypeScript programming language. As the TypeScript community is working toward a unified developer experience…


Simulating blobs of fluid

I've tried to simulate fluids many times before, but never really nailed it. The basic concepts are deceivingly simple, but the implementation so incredibly complex.

Build your own radio streaming app with Howler.js 🔊 | Gaurav Agrawal

Using Howler.js to build a lightweight streaming radio app


CORS-less Cross-Origin Requests | Indrek Juhkam

CORS in general looks like a useful tool until you see the performance impact. At Glia, our public REST API (API from now on) and our Web Client App (APP from now on) live in different subdomains…


You probably don’t need a single-page application

The meteoric rise of front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js, Elm, etc. has made single-page applications ubiquitous on the web. For many developers, these have become part of their ‘default’ toolset. When they start a new project, they... | The Plausible journal | The journey of building plausible.io


How ESLint Makes Me a Better React Developer | Paige Niedringhaus

I was a little late to the React party, I only started learning it in earnest, about 10 months ago. Yes, I’d heard about it long before then. Yes, I’d had co-workers, casual acquaintances and the two…

Visual Studio Code Settings and Extensions for Faster JavaScript Development

I spend about 5–6 hours every day inside VS Code so it’s imperative that it is tailored to my needs to make me as productive as possible. Over the years, I have tried many extensions and settings but…

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