ISSUE #175

A decentralized npm alternative, new ECMAScript proposals, and more


Former npm, Inc. CTO Announces Entropic, a Decentralized Package Registry

Silverio tells the story of how npm gained official status and characterizes its success as a catastrophe for a centralized package registry and repository. Although centralization has some advantages for usability and reliability, success can be expensive when a centralized service becomes popular. She described the events leading up to npm’s incorporation in 2013. The registry was down more than it was up in October 2013 and npm needed money.


77% Off On My JavaScript Video Series

This weekend you can subscribe for only $2 / mo. Get the immidiate full access to all the videos (11 currently) and all the upcoming as well. This week's video turial is "Building an SPA application with Vue.js" (coming out tomorrow). See the full list of vides here.


CoffeeScript’s most loved feature soon in JavaScript | Dennis Mathew Philip

Optional Chaining has made its way up to Stage 2 in the TC39 proposal stages which means the feature is expected to be developed and eventually included in the standard. A proposal in Stage 2 still…

The reduce ({...spread}) anti-pattern - | Rich Snapp

Performance is a common topic in computing, but it is especially common in the frontend world as the latest Javascript technologies battle for the frontend throne. Some may say React has already won (and the usage numbers seem to agree) so in this blog post I wanted to talk about a piece of problema...

A proposal for immutable data structures in JavaScript | ⚠ Stage 0: it will change!

As of today, a few libraries are actually implementing similar concepts such as Immutable.js or Immer that have been covered by a previous proposal attempt. However, the main influence to that proposal is constant.js that forces data structures to be deeply constant.


React Data Layer Series - Part 1

Even though most frontend apps are backed by a web service, building out the data later for such frontend apps is hard. In this series, you’ll learn how to efficiently set up robust data layers for your frontend apps.


To Have A Future, Ember Must Kill Its Past

For the second year in a row the Ember core team is asking for developers in the Ember community for input into what the future of Ember should look like. I gave my thoughts last year and am excited to do so again this year. Developing in Ember and being part of the Ember community are both a joy, and the least I can do is contribute a few ideas on where I think the framework should go. But first, I think we need to be honest about where Ember is and why.


GitHub - kefranabg/readme-md-generator

📄 CLI that generates beautiful files. Contribute to kefranabg/readme-md-generator development by creating an account on GitHub.


Building A Simple Single Sign On(SSO) Solution From Scratch In Node.js | Ankur Anandtwitter

The web application uses the browser/server architecture, HTTP as the communication protocol. HTTP is a stateless protocol. Each time the browser requests, the server processes it independently and does not associate with the previous or subsequent request.

GitHub - SteinHQ/Stein

Use Google Sheets as your no-setup database. Contribute to SteinHQ/Stein development by creating an account on GitHub.



These are some JavaScript coding exercises that I put into a web app so they can be done on a phone.


Micromodal.js - Tiny javascript library for creating accessible modal dialogs

Micromodal enables you to create accessible modal dialogs with minimal configuration. At just 1.9kb minified and gzipped, its a tiny library for big change.

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