ISSUE #182

Long Live the Virtual DOM, Top Front-end Skills, And More


Game of JavaScript Frameworks: the most demanded front end developer skills of 2019

We took 300 job specs for JavaScript developers from AngelList, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, and career pages of fast-growing tech companies worldwide. Using our own text analytics tool, we identified the terms which were mentioned the most frequently, and here they are. (The numbers refer to how often they were mentioned.)

Long Live the Virtual DOM

Svelte claims that the "Virtual DOM is pure overhead". This claim has received widespread acceptance. Even the React team focuses their defense of the Virtual DOM on the possibilities it enables (e.g. Concurrent React). Nevertheless, the claim by Svelte is unequivocally false. The key to this realization is a distinction between the two classes of updates that need to be performed by a reactive framework: value and structural. In the case of value updates, the Virtual DOM is indeed the wrong tool. In the case of structural updates, the Virtual DOM is indispensable.


⭐ JavaScript Upgrade Screencast

Last week's issue was about optimizing performance of React components built with hooks. This week we are going to come back down to Earth and talk about one of the most long-standing and widely misunderstood topic — the prototype-based nature of JavaScript's object model. Going to be fun and eye-opening. Use this link for 22% off.


13 useful JavaScript array tips and tricks you should know

An array is one of the most common concepts of Javascript, which gives us a lot of possibilities to work with data stored inside. Taking into consideration that array is one of the most basic topics in Javascript which you learn about at the beginning of your programming path, in this article, I would like to show you a few tricks which you may not know about and which may be very helpful in coding.

(Video) Classes, mapping, and generic parsers Parser Combinators From Scratch Episode 3

In this episode we'll create a Parser class and implement map, a method that will allow us to apply arbitrary structure as we parse. We'll also build more ge...

Return Early, Return Often | James Monger

The cognitive load introduced by having a single return statement in a function (normally accompanied by a result variable) is often underappreciated, but luckily with a little refactoring it’s fairly easy to resolve.

Using References Without Bugs. An Example of Id Transformation

An introductive exemple of how to benefits from mutability in javascript.

Here’s How Not to Suck at JavaScript | Ilya Suzdalnitski

JavaScript provides lots of tools and options, which is good! The bitter truth, however, is that it imposes almost no limitations on the developer. Giving JavaScript to somebody inexperienced is akin to giving a box of matches to a 2-year old child along with a can of gasoline…

First-Class Functions in JavaScript | Nick Scialli

JavaScript has first-class functions. What does this mean and why is it important?


How To Build a Bot That Sends Dog Images | Joey Colon

Before we dive into this post, I would like to send a message to anyone entering the technology/programming world: When I first started to learn how to program, it felt as if I was in a rut of…

Create a Real Browser Extension (Chrome, Firefox, Chromium based)

In this post we will create a real browser extension. By "real" i mean this is not just a demo, if you work a little bit more on it you can publish this as your first extension :)


GitHub - ian13456/mc.js: Open source Minecraft clone built with ThreeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and NodeJS.

Open source Minecraft clone built with ThreeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and NodeJS.

Detecting incognito mode in Chrome 76 with a timing attack | Jesse Li

FileSystem API writes are measurably faster and less noisy in incognito mode, allowing websites to detect incognito visitors by benchmarking their write speed.


How Does the Development Mode Work?

Dead code elimination by convention.


Introduction to Svelte, first steps in Svelte, migrating to Sapper & more | RevueRevue

Svelte Status - Hi there, I’m Marlos, your weekly curator. Currently I'm building the front-end of dev platform Jexia. Join me on my journey into Svelte!


A Simple Introduction to Web Workers in JavaScript - Young Coder - Medium | Matthew MacDonald

Way back when JavaScript was first created, no one worried too much about performance. JavaScript was designed to be a straightforward language for running small bits of script in a web page. It was…


Optimistic UI and Clobbering

Optimistic UI is a front-end development paradigm wherein, after making a mutation request to an API, the client updates the UI optimistically assuming that the request is successful.

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