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NPM bans ads, Simplify JS with some and find, React Context to DRY, And More


npm bans terminal ads | Catalin Cimpanu

JavaScript community's negative reaction to recent experiment kills potential avenue for funding open-source projects.

The Baseline Interpreter: a faster JS interpreter in Firefox 70

Modern web applications load and execute a lot more JavaScript code than they did just a few years ago. While JIT (just-in-time) compilers have been very successful in making JavaScript performant, we needed a better solution to deal with these new workloads. To address this, we’ve added a new, generated JavaScript bytecode interpreter to the JavaScript engine in Firefox 70.

The Totally Not Sarcastic at All Guide to How to Design for the Web in 2019

You won't believe this one weird trick to modern web development


⭐ JavaScript Upgrade - Screencast

How to optimise React with Hooks for performance? How to building a REST API with Koa? How OOP works in JavaScript? What is ReasonML and why use it? How to build a Chrome extension with React And Parcel? Those and many other defferent topics are covered in these weekly videos. As always, WJS readers can use this link to subscribe with 22% off.


Simplify your JavaScript – Use .some() and .find() | Etienne Talbot

Simplify the way you write your JavaScript by using .some() and .find() instead of searching for data using for() and forEach() loops. You’ll end up with code that’s easier to read!


Use React Context to DRY up your components

Plumbing in programming is something you have to do to make things work. It’s sometimes repetitive or looks like a boilerplate you would usually remove. It’s also crucial because it connects different layers of the application. In this post, I’ll show you a typical example of plumbing inside a React application and a way to fix it.


Implementing Role-Based Access Control in a Node.js application | Soshace

In this article, you'll learn how to implement role-based access control in a Node.js application.


GitHub - goldbergyoni/javascript-testing-best-practices

📗🌐 🚢 Comprehensive and exhaustive JavaScript & Node.js testing best practices (August 2019)

6 Stages of Refactoring a Jest Test Case | Snyk

An underrated feature of Jest is customizing the assertion errors that the console displays when tests fail. Imagine the following test code, which needs to programmatically loop an object to ensure keys exist as expected...



Using the DOM like a Pro | Danny Moerkerke

When I first started working as a professional web developer back in 2008 I knew some HTML, CSS and PHP. At the same time I was also learning this thing called JavaScript because it allowed me to show and hide elements and do cool things like dropdown menus.


Visual Studio Code August 2019

See what is new in the Visual Studio Code August 2019 Release (1.38)

Using WSL 2 with Visual Studio Code

Using WSL 2 with Visual Studio Code

A small trick on using console.log to print data in JavaScript |

When debugging JavaScript application, one may frequently use console.log to print data so that it is easy to debug when issue occurs and also helps on understand the data flow. The common way of prin

Continuous Integration in JavaScript: a Guide (ft. Github Actions)

How do you automated tests when the code leaves your computer? Learn automated testing and continuous integration in JavaScript with this easy guide.



A pixel-game written in JavaScript

Turtle graphics in JavaScript the goofball way

Cool JavaScript visual effect in canvas

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