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NPMs CEO Resigned, Whats New In ES10, Spread Operator, and more


NPM CEO Bryan Bogensberger Resigned

npm, Inc., the open source JavaScript developer tools provider and operator of the world's largest software registry, today announced its CEO, Bryan Bogensberger, has resigned effective immediately to pursue new opportunities.


JavaScript: What’s new in ECMAScript 2019 (ES2019)/ES10?

Chrome Version 72 rolled out new exciting ES10 features for developer to use in browser.

What You Need to Know About Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript | Danny Moerkerke

Asynchronous programming is the bread and butter of JavaScript, yet so many developers fail to truly understand it for some reason. Sure, they have worked with asynchronous code and they’ll recognise it when they see it. They know more or less how it works. But many fail to accurately reproduce it and understand all the essential implementation details.

Understanding RegEx in JavaScript | Michele Riva

Your Weekly JavaScript Inspiration

Two exceptional use cases for the spread operator you may not know of | Enmanuel Durán

Spread operator is one of the most commonly used elements in the javascript toolbox, this mini-article will show you a couple of highly productive and efficient uses for the spread operator.


gpu.js - GPU Accelerated JavaScript

gpu.js is a single-file JavaScript library for GPGPU in the browser. gpu.js will automatically compile specially written JavaScript functions into shader language and run them on the GPU using the WebGL API. In the case where WebGL is not available, the functions will still run in regular JavaScript.


TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners: The Missing Guide (2019)

What is TypeScript and why you may want to use it? Learn TypeScript with this TypeScript tutorial for beginners and start adding types to your JS code!

The future of the "private" keyword · Issue #31670 · microsoft/TypeScript · GitHub

This is a somewhat "catch-all" issue to serve as a place of discussion for a question that is sure to come up given the advancement of Private-Named Instance Fields: What is the future of the "private" keyword in TypeScript? That's the g...


Web scraping with JavaScript

Building daily food menu app using NextJS, Puppeteer and Zeit Now.

Exploiting Tinder to get paid features for free

Reverse engineer your way through the paywall and have something interesting to say in your next date

You might not need a framework | Dušan Perković

I wanted to showcase how much JavaScript has grown, and point out that there might be some simple use-cases, where using a framework might be overkill. Please don’t port your 200 component React app with complex state management to a native JavaScript app. That will just make everyones life harder. 🙂

A different way of handling required arguments in javascript functions | Enmanuel Durán

Required parameters are everywhere in our codebase, in this short article we are going to explore a different way of handling them that might just be your new favorite approach.


Let's Write a Brainfuck Compiler | Michele Riva

Brainfuck is a Turing-complete programming language, so you can really do an incredible amount of things in it! But how does it work?

Handle Race Conditions In NodeJS Using Mutex | Theodo

Even if JavaScript is single-threaded, there can be concurrency issues like race-conditions due to asynchronism. This article aims to tell you how I handled this using mutual exclusion.


Like last year with Underrun, I participated in this year's js13kGames – a JavaScript game development competition with a file size limit of 13kb, including code, assets and everything else. My entry was Voidcall, a Real-time Strategy game.

Lumber Jack

A fun little game in JavaScript


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Moving beyond console.log() — 8 Console Methods You Should Use When Debugging JavaScript and Node | Marco Antonio Ghiani

Probably one of the most common utilities in JavaScript, the Console API implemented in Node.js provides a simple debugging console that is similar to the JavaScript console provided by web browsers.


Announcing Robot

Robot is a new library for building finite state machines, in only 1kB.

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