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JavaScript Pop Quizzes, Pipeline operator, Idiomatic Redux


7 Quick JavaScript Pop Quizzes With Explanations

I believe that learning new things and evaluating the things we know is useful to keep us on track, thus avoiding the situation where we feel outdated. In this article, we will go through some basics of JavaScript. Enjoy!

Pipeline operator | Vaclav Zeman

There's been talks of pipeline operator coming to ECMAScript for at least 2 years so this is no breaking news in any way :). There is a living proposal here with 2 possible variatons: F# and Smart pipelines. Both of them have their own Babel plugins so you can try it anytime.


⭐ Why You Should Learn TypeScript?

Start learning TypeScript now! A new video course to help people to get to know TypeScript from scratch. We'll get through the very basics of types to advance topics (extending types, union types, intersection types, type guards), we'll see how to migrate an existing project to TypeScript, and finally, learn to configure Visual Code and Vim for a comfortable and productive workflow. While it is still in progress, you can order it now for just $9 (40% off) using this link.


I tested a React app with Jest, Enzyme, Testing Library and Cypress. Here are the differences. | Sunil Sandhu

Learn the differences between testing a React app with Jest, Enzyme, Testing Library, and Cypress. A side-by-side code comparison between three of the most popular testing tools for React.

Idiomatic Redux: Redux Starter Kit 1.0

As part of that, I'd like to look back at how Redux Starter Kit came to be, talk about my goals and vision for the project, and look at how we've designed the API to fulfill those goals.

Debouncing with Redux Middleware | TypeOfNaN

A common conundrum in today’s front-end framework world is knowing when and how to take certain asynchronous actions, such as persisting data to a backend. If we’re using a state management library like Redux, we might be further confused as to where without our Redux code we might put this logic.


The problems of shared mutable state and how to avoid them

This blog post answers the following questions: What is shared mutable state? Why is it problematic? How can its problems be avoided?

Using AI to automate instagram accounts | Esteve segura

At the time we created a bot looking at food hashtags and gave likes with a pseudo-human behavior. Today we are going to use existing artificial intelligence models, to give appropriate comments in the correct photos.

How to Create, Read, Update, & Delete Cookies in JavaScript

A coding tutorial on how to create, read, update, and delete browser cookies using JavaScript.


Announcing TypeScript 3.7 RC | TypeScript

TypeScript 3.7 RC includes some of our most highly-requested features! Optional Chaining, Nullish Coalescing, Assertion Functions, Better Support for never-Returning Functions, and more


How to Create your first GatsbyJS Plugin | Dauðr Blog

In this new article we’ll see how we can create a simple GatsbyJS Plugin to inject the Web Monetization Meta Tag using the SSR APIs.


Using npm-link for package development

npm link provides the tooling needed to both develop and consume an npm package locally. We started by creating a new npm module called @meltwater/coerce. This module contained the simple 10 line method we were using for class based type coercion.

npm-ci | npm Documentation

This command is similar to npm-install, except it’s meant to be used in automated environments such as test platforms, continuous integration, and deployment – or any situation where you want to make sure you’re doing a clean install of your dependencies.


RxDB (short for Reactive Database) is a NoSQL-database for JavaScript Applications like Websites, hybrid Apps, Electron-Apps and NodeJs. Reactive means that you can not only query the current state, but subscribe to all state-changes like the result of a query or even a single field of a document. This is useful for UI-based apps that always display the realtime state to the user. RxDB can do a realtime replication with any CouchDB compliant endpoint and also with GraphQL endpoints.

GitHub - bbc/peaks.js: JavaScript UI component for interacting with audio waveforms

JavaScript UI component for interacting with audio waveforms - bbc/peaks.js

GitHub - kevinpollet/seel: Build container images for your Node.js applications

Build container images for your Node.js applications - kevinpollet/seel

GitHub - EddyVinck/ConfTalks: An open source index of already recorded and scheduled conference talks to help you decide if you should go.

An open source index of already recorded and scheduled conference talks to help you decide if you should go.

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