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Tree-shaking like a pro, TypeScript 3.8 beta, and more


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JavaScript tree shaking, like a pro | Daniel Brain

Unfortunately, tree-shaking isn't quite as simple as just enabling an additional flag in your Webpack config and allowing it to take care of everything. There are many things you need to check and consider to ensure the best possible tree-shaking is happening, and to make sure that tree-shaking is not being skipped entirely for any of your modules.

GitHub - nas5w/javascript-tips-and-tidbits

A continuously-evolving compendium of javascript tips based on common areas of confusion or misunderstanding.

JavaScript Promises vs. RxJS Observables

Compare JavaScript Promises and RxJS Observables to find the one that meets your needs.


Announcing TypeScript 3.8 Beta | TypeScript

TypeScript 3.8 brings a lot of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more.

Set Up a Typescript React Redux Project | TypeOfNaN

A basic setup for using Typescript with React and Redux.

A Workerpool From Scratch in TypeScript and Node | Wim Jongeneel

The await and async keywords are loved by JavaScript developers for how they enable complex asynchronous logic to be writing in an elegant way. But there is one thing that is impossible with them…


⚡ Intro To TypeScript: A Video Course

Is that a time to finally dig into the TypeScript? Yes, it is. This new video course will get you through the very basics to some advance topics. We'll see how to migrate an existing project to TypeScript, and finally, learn to configure Visual Code for a comfortable and productive workflow. Get started here.


Dev Diary: 5 Tips for Building Beautiful CLIs with Node.js, Yargs, & Ink | John O'Sullivan

Back when we first came out with a product which could build a dapp from an ABI, the dream was to integrate that functionality into the center of the blockchain developer’s workflow: their Truffle…

Express.js alternative for Minimalists

Bareserver is an extremely simple and fast web server for Node. It's a fresh, new way to build RESTful services.


Smarter Tooltips and Popovers with Popper 2

So, what changed? Everything! The new codebase is a complete rewrite. It's written in a more modular way, it’s type checked by Flow with TypeScript definitions automatically generated, the modifiers API is more powerful, and the best of all, the library is lighter, tree-shakable, and faster!

Redux is half of a pattern (1/2)

Learn how Redux, and all other state management libraries, have one thing in common - they are all partial implementations of state machines - and how we can improve the way we model app state and logic.

React Libraries

A community-curated database of the most popular and frequently updated React JS libraries.

How to NOT render something in React - YouTube

We cover 5 ways to either not render an element or to have it hidden, and then we'll write tests to verify the presence or lack of presence of an element, an...

React Router hook to navigate to a URL from inline event handler · GitHub

React Router hook to navigate to a URL from inline event handler - useNavigateTo.js


Create simple POS with React, Node and MongoDB #2: Auth state, Logout, Update Profile — Soshace • Soshace

This is the second chapter of our series of creating a simple POS with React, Node, and MongoDB.


Efficient TDD with Karma and Webpack | Josh Hale

Here at Bamboo, tests are an absolutely crucial part of our software system. Whenever possible, we try to make sure our Pull Requests are accompanied by relevant tests. Ideally, the act of writing a unit test, running the test and seeing feedback via the outputted results should be a fast, iterative process for the engineer. This post will highlight how we have acheived this with our front-end JavaScript tests using Webpack and Karma.

Unexpected Lessons from 100% Test Coverage

The conventional wisdom of the software engineering community is that striving to 100% test coverage is a fool’s errand. It won’t necessarily help you catch all bugs, and it might lead you down…


GitHub - ryanmcdermott/clean-code-javascript

Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript

JavaScript design patterns #5. The Observer pattern with TypeScript

  1. JavaScript design patterns #1. Singleton and the Module2. JavaScript design patterns #2. Factories and their implementation in TypeScript3. JavaScript design patterns #3. The Facade pattern and applying it to React Hooks4. JavaScript design patterns #4. Decorators and their implementation in TypeScript5. JavaScript design patterns #5. The Observer pattern with TypeScriptThe Observer pattern is common […]


GOTO 2019 • Fast by Default: Near Instant Load Times at Scale with GatsbyJS • Nicolas Goutay - YouTube

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2019. #GOTOcon #GOTOber Nicolas Goutay - Fullstack Developer & Web Performance Evangelist at...


GitHub - microsoft/playwright: Node library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit browsers

Node library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit browsers - microsoft/playwright


Debug like a Pro in Chrome Dev Tools — How to use Rendering tab | Dilan Tharaka

Today frontend applications are becoming more complex. When the apps get bigger, they get slower. One of the main reasons behind a slower app is the large amount of rendering takes place in the…


I made a simple RPG game as my first React.js project and wanted to share : reactjs

r/reactjs: A community for learning and developing web applications using React by Facebook.

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