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The Web Share API, Observables, and a concrete guide to web technilogies


Chromium Blog: Reducing power consumption for background tabs

Starting in version 57, Chrome will throttle individual background tabs by limiting the timer fire rate for background tabs using excessive power.

Introducing Create React Native App

Today we’re announcing Create React Native App: a new tool that makes it significantly easier to get started with a React Native project! It’s heavily inspired by the design of Create React App and is the product of a collaboration between Facebook and Expo (formerly Exponent).


Wrangling arrays like a boss, with Array#reduce

As a programmer, it is pretty common to come across scenarios where you have to work with arrays of data, and to transform the said data into a desired format. JavaScript has a reduce function available on array objects, which aids us in doing exactly that — transform the array data into a desired format.

Observables Proposal for ECMAScript!

In this proposal, Observable would be a new built-in that can be used to handle event streams. The Observable constructor takes a callback which defines an event stream.


Simple, concrete explanations of web technologies

Simple, concrete examples are the best ways of understanding things. In each case, I'll give you an example of what sort of problem the framework will help you solve. If you have that problem, you should consider using the framework!


React — to Bind or Not to Bind | Luka Bracanovic

Handling events in React components is the most common case to use binding. Before going any further, I recommend reading an article about this at MDN if you are uncertain how does this works. To…

Introducing React Loadable – James Kyle

When you have a large enough application, a single large bundle with all of your code becomes a problem for startup time. You need to start breaking your app into separate bundles and load them dynamically when needed.


The web share API | Phil Nash

Recently I implemented the web share API for my site as a means of testing it out. If you are using version 55 or above of Chrome on Android then you can see it in action by clicking “share it” at the bottom of this post.



A hackable slideshow framework built with Vue.js


Displaying real time information on a mirrored surface.