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Ember State of the Union, Vue.js for Web Components, and HTML5 game workshop


EmberConf 2017: State of the Union | Tom Dale (with Yehuda Katz and Godfrey Chan)

As Yehuda and I were getting ready for our keynote presentation at this year's EmberConf, we tried to remember what developing web apps was really like in 2011. We knew that the web had changed for the better since then, but I think we both had repressed our memories of how truly awful it was.

Firefox 52 setTimeout() Changes - wanderview

Firefox 52 hit the release channel last week and includes a few changes to setTimeout() and setInterval().


The Modern Javascript Tutorial

* A nice collection of free tutorials from simple to advanced topics.

ES6: The spread syntax — A concise way of applying elements to arrays and functions in JavaScript

The spread syntax is quite simple. Say you got some elements in an iterable object — e.g. an array —, and you want to apply the elements it contains to a new array or a function call. Usually, at this stage you would bring out the indexes and loops to start applying the elements. Luckily, the spread syntax makes this way easier. You simply prefix the iterable object you want to spread with three dots — ....


HTML5 Games Workshop: Make a platformer game with JavaScript! | Belén Albeza

* Belen Albeza did a workshop on creating a platforming game and now all the materials are available online.

Use Vue.js to create custom web components | Vue.js Tips

With a bit of JS magic you can now turn your Vue.js component into web components, enabling you to use it in any web application, even using React, Angular or .

Simple beginner guide for Webpack +2.0 from scratch | Indrek LasnFollow

* If you never did that Webpack thing before, here's a perfect place to start.

The Mandelwat Set | Jeff Fowler

I wanted to learn about the Mandelbrot set. I thought, that’s a neat thing! I wonder how I could make one. Turns out it’s not that hard, really, but you have to understand the math and also what it is, and those things were pretty hard, at least for me, because I am not great at math even though I love it and also the Mandelbrot set is a fractal and fractals are bonkers.


Using the Chrome devtools new code coverage feature | Ben Edelstein

Code coverage lets you run your web app, and for each JS/CSS file, see which lines of code ran and which didn’t. * Wow, this one looks really imporessive.

The JS Path: JavaScript Best Practices Pt. 1 | Ilse Garcia

* Ilse Garcia writes about the good practices and it's mostly about style: naming, variables, loops, documentation, etc.

Converting a large React Codebase from Coffeescript to ES6 | Christian Schlensker

One of the ongoing initiatives for the Bugsnag Frontend Team has been a migration of our codebase away from coffeescript. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and it isn’t yet complete, but we thought we’d share what we have learned from this process and how we have managed to speed our conversion without overly sacrificing productivity or stability.


Creating a microservice in NodeJs

In this post I will show how I implemented the commenting feature for my blog using a microservice api.


Ramda.js at Work

I've been learning a lot about functional programming (FP) lately. I found it rather difficult to grasp at first, being so accustomed to object-oriented programming. For this reason, I am sharing an illuminating experience I had recently.


Simple React Development in 2017 | Joshua Comeau

Regardless of your background, you’ve likely had a similar experience: React itself seems pretty straightforward, but the tooling and ecosystem is overwhelming.

reactide/reactide: Reactide is the first dedicated IDE for React web application development

Reactide is a cross-platform desktop application that offers a custom simulator, making build-tool and server configuration unnecessary.


April Fools 2017: ES2018 First Look - it changes everything

ES2018 a.k.a. "ESSuper-Next" is out and it is awesome. It has powerful new features like always-global-variables, common-keyword shortcuts, dot-syntax, flow...

How We Hacked Our Coffee Machine with JavaScript · Moin World!

Wouldn't it be great if you coffee machine could be controlled by an API? We hacked our coffee machine with JavaScript to be able to do exactly that! Here is the story how we did it.



Tippy.js is a lightweight, pure JS tooltip library powered by Popper.js.


SweetAlert2 - an awesome and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes


A Fluent Interface To Rapidly Interact With APIs.


📦 English inflection library for noun (plural to singular and singular to plural), verb (gerund, present & past) and adjectives (comparative & superlative) transformations/conjugation.