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Headless Chrome, Redux offline, modern framework comparison and a new video by Douglas Crockford


Headless Chromium

* Chromium team announced that it can now run in a headless mode.

React v15.5.0 released

The biggest change is that we've extracted React.PropTypes and React.createClass into their own packages. Both are still accessible via the main React object, but using either will log a one-time deprecation warning to the console when in development mode. This will enable future code size optimizations.

Introducing ReactXP

* How do you like this? A library for cross-platform development based on React and React Native and it's coming from Microsoft.

Announcing TypeScript 2.3 RC

The TypeScript 2.3 Release Candidate is here today! This release brings more ECMAScript features, new settings to make starting projects easier, and more.

The Glimmer VM: Boots Fast and Stays Fast | Yehuda Katz

Great web applications boot up fast and stay silky smooth once they've started. In other contexts, applications can choose quick loading or responsiveness once they've loaded. Great games can get away with a long loading bar as long as they react instantly once the gamer gets going. In contrast, scripting

Preact Release 8.0.0

This release represents a huge step forward for Preact


A quick look at reduce, foldl, foldr, and associative order | Ragan Wald

* A really nice overview of those functional concepts

Master the JavaScript Interview: Soft Skills | Eric Elliott

There are a handful of common mistakes that candidates frequently make in JavaScript interviews. Most mistakes are forgivable, but a few could easily cost you the job. One of the leading reasons candidates get rejected is poor soft skills. Here are some tips that can help prepare you to leave a great impression.


Opinionated Comparison of React, Angular2, and Aurelia | Jeff Schnitzer

What follows is a stream of opinions I formed going through this process. I didn't become an expert in any of these three frameworks, so feel free to yell at me if some of my code examples are "doing it wrong".


The Post JavaScript Apocalypse | Douglas Crockford

This is about JavaScript, clutter, purity, and thoughts on what should be in the language that comes after, assuming that we all live that long.

My giant JavaScript Basics course is now live on YouTube. And it’s 100% free. | Beau Carnes

The great thing about this course is that it also aligns with the Basic JavaScript Challenges on the beta freeCodeCamp curriculum. You can practice what you're learning through the videos using the freeCodeCamp challenges.


Webpack and Rollup: the same but different | Rich Harris

This week, Facebook merged a monster pull request into React that replaced its existing build process with one based on Rollup, prompting several people to ask ‘why did you choose Rollup over webpack’?

Introducing Redux Offline: Offline-First Architecture for Progressive Web Applications and React…

This post is a long-form trip report from the depths of building offline-friendly web and mobile applications. If you’re looking to understand the benefits and challenges of Offline-friendly apps…


Glimmer.js: What’s the Deal with TypeScript? | Tom Dale

Two weeks ago at EmberConf, we announced Glimmer.js, a component-based library for writing superfast web applications. In the demo video, we use TypeScript to write our Glimmer components. Some people have been asking, what’s the deal? Have we turned our backs on JavaScript and embraced our new TypeScript overlords?

TypeScript at Slack

When Brendan Eich created the very first version of JavaScript for Netscape Navigator 2.0 in merely ten days, it’s likely that he did not expect how far the Slack Desktop App would take his invention…


7 things you should know about Vue.js | Point of Vue

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework that has seen a lot of success in the past couple of years. While it has gotten a lot of traction in the international development world, it is still gaining traction in the west and is not yet a household name. But I think it should be! That’s why I put together 7 things you should know about Vue.js.


Augmented Reality in 10 Lines of HTML | Alexandra Etienne

Do you want to do Augmented Reality on the web ? You can now do it in 10 lines of HTML! Seriously! Let me walk you through the code, it's crazy simple.



roguelike dungeon generator RESTful web api


Euclidean geometry in javascript.


Lance is an open source server/library for real-time multiplayer JavasScript games