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JavaScript algorithms, higher-order functions, Strict arity in Flow, and more

Greetings good sirs and madames. Today is Friday and here's the best JavaScript reads for your weekend! If you like this kind of stuff feel free to share some love on Twitter :)


Announcing the new webpack CLI

After getting feedback from the community about webpack being hard to get started with, we listened and decided to re-envision the CLI for webpack. Although much of the logic from the old CLI was kept, a set of new features have been added: init and migrate.

Strict Checking of Function Call Arity

In JavaScript, you can call a function with more arguments than the function expects. Therefore, Flow never complained about calling a function with extraneous arguments. We are changing this behavior.

ES6 Modules in Chrome Canary (M60+) | Sam Thorogood

ES6 modules are now supported in Chrome Canary — you’ll have to enable the Experimental Web Platform flag in chrome:flags. Chrome now joins many other modern browsers which also include support behind flags.


Adventures of an Ancient Web Developer in JavaScript Land | Hendrik Mans

My friends, terrible things are afoot: I have been diving, no, delving into the wondrous world of JavaScript. Yes, JavaScript, the language and ecosystem I have been tirelessly mocking for the last decade or two! Shocking, I know.

JavaScript Algorithms

This repository contains JavaScript implementations of different famous Computer Science algorithms.

How To Interview Senior JavaScript Developers and Architects

In this article we will discuss a plan for you to interview senior JavaScript developers and architects; including interview questions.


Higher-order functions in Lodash | Michał Piotrkowski

In this article I would like to explain concept of higher-order functions and how they are omni-present in my favorite Javascript library: Lodash.


Mastering the Node.js Core Modules - The File System & the fs module | @RisingStack

In this Node.js tutorial you can learn to use the File System core module, File Streams and some fs module alternatives the right way.


Benchmarks of npm, npm5, shrinkpack, and yarn install times.


Didact: Learning how React works by building it from scratch

We are going to build a working version of React keeping the code as simple as possible, sacrificing some features and lot of non-functional requirements.


An Abridged Cartoon Introduction To WebAssembly – Smashing Magazine

With WebAssembly, it is possible to run code on the web faster. This article will help you understand what exactly it is about WebAssembly that makes it fast.


Moving From Angular to Vue : A vuetiful journey

Our experience of making the move from Angular to Vue

Procedurally Generating Islands | plaxdev

My first shot at generating an island didn't go well. Here's what it looked like: I was happy with it, nonetheless, but over the next 24 hours I would go on to learn a whole host of new techniques that would turn my poor excuse for an island into something that actually looked like an island. This post will follow my journey from nothing to something.


GitHub - fresheneesz/drip-drop

A simple generalized drag-and-drop module that abstracts away most of the drag-and-drop APIs weirdness and surprises.