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Node 8 and npm 5 released!

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Node.js 8 has been released

Node.js 8.0.0 is a major new release that includes a significant number of semver-major and semver-minor changes. Notable changes are listed below.

... and also npm 5.0

This release marks months of hard work for the young, scrappy, and hungry CLI team, and includes some changes we’ve been hoping to do for literally years

WordPress to Select New JavaScript Framework for Use in Core | Sarah Gooding, WordPress Tavern

WordPress core contributors have started collaborating more around their JavaScript efforts this year with regular core-js meetings. One item on the most recent meeting’s agenda was discussion on choosing a new JavaScript framework for use in core as an alternative to Backbone.


Javascript Classes v. Closures | Richard Marmorstein, Livestream

At Livestream, one of our perennial debates is “classes vs. closures.” Javascript supports both, and both patterns are arguably equivalent, or at the very least can be applied in similar circumstances to similar effect.


Progressive Web Application Using React | Dhruv Kumar Jha

In this tutorial we will allow users to add the subreddits they are interested in, Save it in local database and cache the API response, We will also make use of Web App Manifest and Service Workers.

Production Progressive Web Apps with JavaScript Frameworks | SARAH DRASNER, CSS-TRICKS

This last week at Google I/O, Addy Osmani announced some amazing developer resources for creating Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) that prioritize performance with JavaScript Frameworks.


Whats new for streams in Node 8 | Calvin Metcalf

First up we have a new standardized method to destroy streams, all streams will now have a standardized .destroy() method. This method takes a single optional argument which is an error object…

Node 8: Five New Features You Need to Know | Akos Szokodi, Coding Sans

What's new in node js 8? In this post, we collected every new feature you need to know about node 8.


Behind Teamemo: Using a C-library in JavaScript | Teamemo

Recently we integrated spellchecking into Teamemo. Therefore we searched for a good JavaScript spellchecking library. There were some very promising available, for example: nspell. It wasn’t very popular, however was good documented and based on hunspell dictionaries – the same spellchecking library used in Apache OpenOffice / LibreOffice and all major browsers.

Yarn determinism | Sebastian McKenzie, Yarn

One of the claims that Yarn makes is that it makes your package management “deterministic”. But what exactly does this mean? This blog post highlights how both Yarn and npm 5 are deterministic, but differ in the exact guarantees they provide and the tradeoffs they have chosen.

HTTP/2 push is tougher than I thought | Jake Archibald

HTTP/2 push is more complicated and low-level than I initially thought, but what really caught me off-guard is how inconsistent it is between browsers – I'd assumed it was a done deal & totally ready for production.

How To Architect Enterprise Single Page Applications | Pete Heard, Logic Room

We discuss the first in a series of techniques for building enterprise Single Page Applications from frameworks such as Angular, React, Ember, Vue, Backbone ...

70% faster: rewriting the API that serves most of our traffic | Ayham Alzoubi, Namshi

At the beginning of 2017, we decided to revamp our catalog API which is one of the main parts of our infrastructure, as it’s the API that serves 60 to 70% of our overall traffic.


GitHub - picodom/picodom

1kb Virtual DOM builder and patch algorithm.