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The Future of MDN, Prettier TS and CSS support, WebAssembly, and more

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The Future of MDN: A Focus on Web Docs | Kadir Topal, Mozilla Open Design

Building MDN into a world class repository of high quality Web documentation is one of the most valuable things Mozilla has done for Web developers. Now we’re looking to double-down on that work, and solidify MDN as the single best resource for Web docs.

Prettier 1.4.0: TypeScript and CSS support

Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.

Assembling WebAssembly | WebKit

We’re pleased to announce that WebKit has a full WebAssembly implementation.


Upgrading from Node 6 to Node 8: a real-world performance comparison | David Gilbertson, Hacker Noon

Node 8 is out, did you hear? And it’s faster, or so they say. But without any numbers, ‘faster’ is just letters.

Node.js 8: util.promisify() | 2ality

Node.js 8 has a new utility function: `util.promisify()`. It converts a callback-based function to a Promise-based one.

Node.js Child Processes: Everything you need to know | Samer Buna, freeCodeCamp

How to use spawn(), exec(), execFile(), and fork()


Embracing the power of styled-components | Fernando Aguero, Building Séntisis

We have a React application made of dozens of components. After working with CSS modules for a while, we decided to give styled-components a try.


WebAssembly 101: a developer's first steps | Openbloc

This tutorial will guide you along the necessary steps to port a JavaScript library of the Conway's game of life to WebAssembly (wasm). This is a simple exercise that is perfect to start beyond a trivial Hello World. I recently got interested in WebAssembly and decided to take the leap


“Why We Didn’t Use A Framework” (Case Study) | Nick Gauthier, Smashing Magazine

Find out why the team at MeetSpace decided to build their app without a front-end framework, and what the pros and cons of a frameworkless back end are.


Getting started with PreactJS — A Step By Step Guide | Bilal Budhani, Codeinfuse

PreactJS is a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 API

Adopting Flow & TypeScript | James Kyle

A comparison between the two on-boarding processes


Performance Analysis Reference  | Kayce Basques, Google Developers

This page is a comprehensive reference of Chrome DevTools features related to analyzing performance.


A day without Javascript | sonniesedge

\* Have you ever wondered if any modern websites can work without JavaScript? Me neither. This guy did.


TheresaMay.js is a simple JavaScript framework (why not) that can be quickly deployed in situations where the real Theresa May can't be bothered to show up.